Our Principles Are Simple


Follow through on commitments. Always do what we say we’re going to do. Maintain our client’s confidentiality.


Be transparent with clients, partners and providers. Communicate freely, plainly and openly.


Always tell the truth. Have the courage to confront difficult topics respectfully and openly.  Stop evil.


100% client focused. We are not vendors. Our obligation is to provide high value intelligence for our clients to meet their objectives.

We didn’t realize when we started that we were pioneering something so unique in the industry. We’re so pleased and grateful to see our clients empowered by our work!

Avail was established as a platform inspiring, empowering and enabling leaders to achieve big things and solve big challenges. We use our industry knowledge, market intelligence and understanding of technological possibilities to provide solutions and business insights to our clients.

Avail was born in the minds of its founders after 20 years of business experience in technology. It took a 360° view of the industry (having been consumers, clients, consultants and providers) and many late night, coffee-fueled, whiteboard strategy sessions to realize the pioneering insight that would launch our company. The traditional technology acquisition model is grossly inefficient and shifts control away from the client. The model is expensive and too easily allows for the manipulation and disruption of the client’s purchasing strategy. Too few companies understand the many options available to them (contractually, legally, financially and technologically), and fewer still have the capability, resources and time to thoroughly evaluate the rapidly growing and changing choices of vendors.  We are the change agent needed to navigate a broken system.

Today, Avail is a better way for clients to get the proper due diligence on the market, design the solutions best suited to their objectives, and align best-of-breed providers for long-term success. The company uses the agent model to fund our work, so that superior consulting services can be offered to clients at no charge. By significantly reducing vendor costs, savings are passed on to our clients.

Our Mission Statement:

We inspire people to experience leadership breakthroughs.  Empowering them to take actions that achieve success and new possibilities.

Bridging the mission with the Three Pillars of cloud economics.




Our Leadership Team

Scott Maurice
Managing Partner

A native New Yorker with a 21 year career in technology on the heels of a career in finance as a securities broker/dealer, Scott has a 360° view of the challenges in today’s IT marketplace. As a network engineer building large and complex financial, service provider and Department of Defense networks, he has an evaluative, problem-solving eye. Coupled with IT management, consulting, leadership, technology sales and financial expertise, Scott is uniquely positioned to provide salient answers for today’s tough IT challenges. He has held positions at Microsoft, Moss-Adams, and Savvis among others. Avail Partners is his third successful venture (Maurice Enterprise Group and RMTP pre-date Avail), and he is excited to lead clients to creative solutions that make sense for their businesses. He studied mathematics at Cornell University.

Dan Marsh
Managing Partner

Dan has spent 26 years finding innovative and creative ways for clients to become more competitive. He’s provided sales and marketing leadership for a variety high tech companies, and now serves on the Board of Advisors for the University of Washington’s Cloud Transition Strategies & Management course. His career started with technology and eCommerce firms as the Internet was just emerging; including being an early hire at datacenter hosting pioneer Exodus Communications. He spent 8 years with Savvis enabling strategic cloud hosting services for enterprise clients. In time away from technology, he collaborated with Reggie Watts to launch nonLinear, the independent record label and music production company.  As a native of the Northwest, he and his wife and their two children are all outdoor enthusiasts.  He has a BA in Marketing and minor in Psychology from the University of Puget Sound.

Bryce Lopez
Partner, Finance, Compliance

Bryce Lopez leads our Denver location, bringing the Avail values and methodologies to new clients and partners as we expand.  Bryce’s 26 years of technical and financial experience has covered the entire spectrum of customer size, industry, vertical and technical nuance.   A native of Colorado, he is an avid athlete, aspiring guitar player and most importantly, proud father and husband. Bryce has a BA in Business from the University of Puget Sound and an MBA from Georgia State University.  Finally, he holds Certification in Cloud Transition Strategies & Management from the University of Washington.

Amanda Nichols
Vice President

Amanda comes to Avail with over 12 years of experience and leadership in the datacenter, cloud and managed hosting space. She has spent the majority of her career at Savvis/CenturyLink strategizing with clients to help them improve their business. Her last two years were spent with vXchnge helping clients utilize their Datacenter-as-Service product offering.

Her roles have included client management, sales engineering, developing client solutions and running business operations.  By holding a variety of positions in the technology industry and a commitment to excellence, she is an expert in how to create outstanding client experiences and results.

Amanda holds a BA from Seattle Pacific University.  When she isn’t working she enjoys CrossFit, snow skiing, dirt biking, and anything on the water with her family. She has a husband of 13 years and two beautiful daughters.