Dan Marsh of Avail Partners Selected for Advisory Board of New University of Washington Cloud Curriculum


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Dan Marsh of Avail Partners(http://availpartners.net), a national technology agency, has been chosen to shape a new University of Washington curriculum focused on preparing future business leaders to operate businesses in the cloud.

“Helping businesses transition to cloud computing is what we do everyday,” said Marsh. “There may be no more vital a skill set for the next generation of business leaders and technology buyers.”

The program is called the “Certificate in Cloud Transition Strategies & Management,” and is run by UW’s Professional & Continuing Education program. The 90 hour, non-credit certificate program can be taken in person in downtown Seattle or live online.

Instructor Padmaja Vrudhula says virtually all businesses will be in the cloud in the next three to five years.

“This certificate is going to give you context, it’s going to give you core skills around financial analysis, strategy, cloud technologies and changes to the organization and people,” Vrudhula said.

“This is a game-changer in the educational space,” Marsh said. “Business leaders need to understand the fundamentals of cloud economics. This is one of the biggest transformations in history and it’s happening right now. Cloud utilization is affecting the culture and strategy of how companies operate, who they hire and how they become more competitive. At Avail, I help clients leverage this shift in economics everyday, so I am proud to see the University taking a lead on what will someday become a mainstream discipline in business strategy education,” Marsh said.

The course is aimed at business managers, analysts, and other positions that directly report to CEOs, CFOs and CIOs, including accounting managers and IT managers.

Marsh will sit on a board with peers at Google, Accenture, VMware, Cisco and others.

The nine month program starts on October 5th, 2015. For additional enrollment information, visithttp://www.pce.uw.edu/certificates/cloud-transition-strategies-management or contact Naomi Bogenschutz, Program Manager at 206-616-0617.

Avail Partners, a business and technology consulting firm with offices in Seattle, WA and Denver, CO, specializes in leveraging technology to help clients achieve their mission. The agency has successfully helped clients in healthcare to leverage a culture of compliance to change strategy, gain competitive advantage and improve patient outcomes. The agency provides market intelligence, solutions design, and vendor evaluation, changing the way business leaders take advantage of cloud economics.