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It’s all about speed, ease to market and obtaining revenue fast.

We are inspired by entrepreneurs.  The Avail team enjoys and gets great value from our work with the next generation of great minds and innovative ideas. Avail invests capital, time and resources into entrepreneurs and early stage ventures that we believe in. You do not have to wait until your application has been fully built, you have a CTO or you have your first beta clients.  Our team is ready to help now.

Avail will validate and provide guidance on how technology will impact your business model, evaluate what solutions and vendors are required to be ready for market, and provide a technology roadmap to help you prepare for the future.  These recommendations are provided at no cost, and achieved through application technology workshops to evaluate required solutions to be ready for market. We consider how to best achieve speed and ease to obtain revenue, how to best minimize labor and hiring, how IT costs can be best aligned to revenue units, what expertise can be obtained on-demand and at what cost, and how leverage our rich network of private equity and venture capital investors.