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DocuSign is trusted by 250,000 companies and over 100 million users in 188 countries to sign anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device, securely. Companies of every size and industry trust DocuSign to help them keep business fully digital to achieve dramatic ROI, increased security and compliance, and better customer experience.

DocuSign’s digital signature service required extraordinarily heavy and unique compliance standards as well as strong security. Supporting their position as the global leader in eSignatures, DocuSign required secure datacenters in multiple markets around the world. The infrastructure teams needed to focus on solving engineering challenges, not executing vendor due diligence.


Avail aligned strategy and culture provided by the CTO with the technical requirements of the operations teams. The DocuSign Infrastructure team provided datacenter specifications, audit requirements, and target markets. While keeping DocuSign anonymous, Avail independently produced Market Intelligence Assessments for each market, identifying the vendors best suited to the requirements.


• Solutions Design and Validation
• Market Intelligence Assessment (domestic and international)
• Proposal Management


DocuSign can more effectively drive their business forward with the confidence of Avail’s independent due diligence. Avail’s daily research and targeted due diligence on hundreds of vendors domestically and abroad empowers DocuSign to continue it’s dominance as a global eSignature service. Avail’s continued efforts with DocuSign achieves:

• Independent pricing validation (domestic and international)
• Rapid due diligence for operations teams
• Complete Confidentiality through client anonymity

“To ensure we continue to lead the industry with the best solutions for our customers, we leverage internal expertise with independent, third party guidance from firms like Avail Partners to identify and implement the best technology and move our business and industry forward. Avail Partners helps us move forward quickly with the best decision for ourbusiness.”

— Grant Peterson,
Chief Technology Officer of DocuSign