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Avail evaluates vendors daily on performance, price and contract terms for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), datacenter hosting, cloud platforms and networking services. The agency provides market intelligence, solutions design and IT/revenue analysis, while protecting against disruptive vendor sales tactics by providing client anonymity. Avail’s methodology results in time savings, confidence in due diligence, cost containment and increased revenue potential for clients.

Consulting Services

We provide all of the following services under a brokerage model, which means no cost to our clients.

Technology Roadmap
Our experience provides us with a 360 degree view of IT Services and our team can provide a technology roadmap to help align technology services to your revenue model.
Cloud Rationalization
Helping clients determine which workloads are ready for cloud means understanding the business impact of those workloads and applications.  Revenue, cost, performance, security, compliance; these are the factors our agency evaluates to help our clients best leverage cloud economics.
Solutions Design
This is a key differentiator for Avail. Providers typically offer Solution Design services with a bias for adding new services from the provider. The Avail Solutions Design practice commands the expertise of the best engineering resources with an independent eye. Our architects and engineers sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the client as technical advocates for what is in the client’s best interest.
IT/Revenue Analysis
We will analyze the cost efficiency of the existing services to provide a value baseline. Utilizing our Market Intelligence Assessment methodology, we benchmark the market costs for the services in context of the existing environment and any new client workloads. This allows us to ascertain where we can drive costs down and where we can increase the value to our client.  Further, aligning IT service costs to the client revenue model provides a more salient context in which to make solutions design decisions.
Data Migration
We can provide a game plan for physical and virtual migration of data from one location to another.  Application interdependency, security and testing are among the considerations we will take into account.
Proposal Management
Anyone who has ever sourced, received or responded to an RFP knows how time consuming the process can be. Often, the sheer volume of information is unmanageable, and the requirements stated in the RFP are inaccurate and not optimized for the client business needs. Avail eliminates these shortcomings by managing a proposal process designed to produce creative, optimized, accurate solutions at market competitive prices, in a short period of time and with significantly less client effort.  Traditional RFP’s simply don’t generate the best results, and we provide an improved experience through our Market Intelligence Assessment.

Market Intelligence

Avail is researching the marketplace daily. Utilizing data from our clients, third parties and research agencies, we constantly evaluate dimensions including:

  • Technology
  • Strategic Direction
  • Corporate Culture
  • Performance
  • Price/Cost/Value
  • Contract Terms
  • Customer Experience

Vendors that we evaluate in the market provide services in the following categories:


  • Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Backups
  • Managed Hosting
  • Colocation
  • Networking
  • Datacenter


• Application Engines
• Cloud Big Data Platforms
• Analytics
• Cloud API
• Cloud Databases (SQL)
• NoSQL (Mongo, Hadoop) Platform
• Elastic Search Platforms
• Object Storage
• Content Delivery Networks
• Office Collaboration & Telephony (Email/Exchange, IM,Sharepoint/CMS)
• Monitoring (APM, EUEM)
• Mail Delivery Services (Mailgun, Strongmail)


  • Office Collaboration & Telephony (Email/Exchange, IM,Sharepoint/CMS)
  • Monitoring (APM, EUEM)
  • Mail Delivery Services (Mailgun, Strongmail)