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Virtual assistant and artificial intelligence (AI) company NextIT wanted to do for healthcare what it had for Alaska Airlines (“Ask Jenn”), (“Sgt. Star”) and others: helping customers navigate complex issues with a friendly voice. From digital recruiters to financial assistants and travel agents—NextIT’s services help answer tough questions, easily.

NextIT found though that expanding into healthcare might not be so easy. With over 120 million records breached in 2015, healthcare companies are challenged by conflicting interests: improving patient access to data while securing Protected Health Information (PHI) from breach. Compounded by an aggressive go-to-market schedule, NextIT quickly needed expert partners in healthcare compliance and infrastructure scalability.


Evaluating the market for culture, performance, price and supportability, Avail dramatically reduced the time to perform comprehensive due diligence on a healthcare compliance partner. Avail analyzed the full Cloud Economic Model for business agility, addressing the impact of labor, risk and technology.


• Financial analysis of hosting models (cloud, managed hosting, colocation)
• Comprehensive technology vendor review and cost analysis
• IT Roadmap
• Solutions Architecture
• Vendor Business Associates Agreement analysis for optimal deferment of client risk
• Due Diligence via Market Intelligence Assessment


NextIT’s healthcare AI assistant application connects with clients and improves patient outcomes for millions of Americans. It keeps Protected Health Information safe, secure and compliant. Their new vendor defers risk, promotes a new culture of compliance and meets NextIT’s demanding timeline. Avail’s real-world recommendation:

• Reduced the size of the requisite IT support team at NextIT from 6 to 1
• Increased compliance checks for all assets 6.5x
• Reduced the initial deployment size by 75%

“Avail was expert at finding the right solutions and experts for our business. They are the aggressive, helpful, straighttalking consultants that I needed to keep us on track and navigate a sea of compliance concerns before they became compliance problems. This is the real-world consulting we needed to move confidently forward.”

—Tracy Malingo,
President of NextIT