What We Do

Avail evaluates vendors daily on performance, price and contract terms for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), datacenter hosting, cloud platforms and networking services. The agency provides market intelligence, solutions design and IT/revenue analysis, while protecting against disruptive vendor sales tactics by providing client anonymity. Avail’s methodology results in time savings, confidence in due diligence, cost containment and increased revenue potential for clients.

Quick Wins

While we specialize in transformation, our team can also deliver quick tactical wins for specific projects.  We can provide opinions on a current contracts, validate architectures or anonymously secret shop a current vendor and compare against other options in the market.  Our team has decades of experience in all areas of technology, so if you need something that isn’t mentioned below, it is likely that we can help.

Datacenter Colocation

Managed Hosting

Public/Private Cloud Platforms


Telephony and Conferencing

Billing Management


Office Collaboration

Disaster Services

Security Services

End-point Computing



Legacy Computing


Avail helps business leaders achieve competitive advantage through better cloud economics. Common client goals of increased revenue, accelerated speed to market, business agility, risk reduction (i.e., through compliance and business continuity) and others are more easily reached by leveraging the cloud economic model. Avail’s Three Pillars model introduces financial and technological agility as core tenets, however, the greatest impact is achieved by addressing labor. We evaluate labor costs and effectiveness by helping leaders differentiate between core company activities and commodity activities which can be executed better, faster and cheaper by an expert partner.

Avail’s Market Intelligence Assessment process:

Typical Transformations:

Traditional software sales model to Software-as-a-Service model

Migrating In-house datacenters and colocations to managed hosting

International expansion where local resources are limited

Accelerating cloud adoption to reduce traditional labor and equipment costs

Moving resources away from non-core and commodity activities